A Man & His Car


A Man & His Car - Matt Hranek Matt Hranek was the author behind the wildly successful book A Man & His Watch, this book explores another relationship between men and an inanimate object: the car. Reader . . . this is perhaps not the bond that I have with automobiles . . . I'm more of the does it work, can I collapse the seats to turn it into a van-of-sorts school . . . but I am not blind to the fact that I might be an outlier on this! Hranek talks to various men including the director Ed Burns, the NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal and Jay Leno about the relationship that they have with specific cars. There are 80 such personal stories in Hranek's book. Published with the same care as his previous title, with the book nestled inside a slipcase this is a book for those "who know that a car is never just a car". Hardback. Measurements: 18.7cm x 29.4cm x 3cm